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According to the Memorandum of understanding between Bauman MSTU and IMB corporation for improvement of experts preparation in the super computer field on June, 21th, 2006 by the order of the head NUK IU PhD, Prof. V.A. Matveev by the efforts and on dept. IU-6 spaces Academic Centre of IBM competence was founded. It is based on open standards, the open source software and modern IBM technologies.

The centre supervisor of studies is appointed dept IU-6 head, PhD, Prof., V.V. Suziev..

The centre chief is appointed participant of IBM program Academic Initiative, PhD, IU-6 as. Prof. E.V. Galiamova.

On June, 20th 2006. There was an new laboratory opening of IBM systems and technologies in Russia where students of dept. IU-6 work. You can familiarize with details here.

Studying materials of the courses connected with the super computers subjects can be found on pages of the virtual course site .

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