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IBM Mainframe Center of Excellence at dept. "Computer systems and networks" spends cycles of seminars.

Topics of seminars:

1) "Operating System z / OS and programming fundamentals for large computers, a three-day course

2) "Big computers (mainframe): architecture and microarchitecture System z, operating systems and mainframe programming fundamentals", a four-day course

Seminars include a theoretical part and a workshop - to perform laboratory works in the virtual mainframe environment thanks to university partners IBM: Marist College (New York, USA) and Leipzig University (Germany).

The seminars were held from 7-th to 15-th December 2006 for students of high schools in Moscow (MIEM, MIIT, MSTU GA and MGAVT)..

Students work with System zLecture on z/OSGalyamova E.V., Egorov М, Sergeyv В and students of other HIGH SCHOOLS

For more information on the seminars content, timing contact with Galiamova Elena Valentinovna:

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