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Materials for profound studying of super computers IBM mainframe

Presentation - System z/Architecture (pdf, 8.53 МВ)
The interactive module on bases z/OS (exe, 8.49 MB)
The book - Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/OS Basics (pdf, 6.78 MB)
The book - z/Architecture Principles of Operation (pdf, 13.6 МВ)
The directory – z/Architecture Reference Summary (pdf, 530 KB)

Materials under the training program in IBM Poughkeepsie (For students)

23 reasons to study technology System z (pdf, 28 KB)
The description of the program of training in IBM Poughkeepsie (pdf, 57KB)
In search of mainframes of 21 centuries - the Report Cliper Group (pdf, 260 KB)
The mythology of mainframes proceeds. On the agenda - the big systems (pdf, 249 KB)

Additional resources

Subjectsof questions of the test Z01: IBM System z Entry Level for z/OS System Programmer (Mastery Test)
Training courses IBM System z in the program catalogue IBM Academic Initiative
IBM System z на developer Works

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